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Teaching and workshops

I've been a teacher for 25 years and have worked in all kinds of classrooms with all kinds of abilities, even spending 4 years teaching in South Korea, where I led a team setting up a successful, forward-thinking Art and Design dept. from scratch. My experience makes me comfortable working with all ability levels and a broad age range from 8 to 118 !

I teach lessons in drawing, painting, ceramics, printing, sculpture and mixed-media, also drawing upon my own 3D design background to teach introductions to architecture and fashion for students wanting to take these subjects to university and beyond. My lessons are set within the context of global historic and contemporary practice, making a perfect window for your child to enjoy learning about art, design and culture from just about every corner of the earth.

Whether you are looking to organise a workshop for a local group or more focused help with your son/daughter to help them achieve excellence at GCSE or A level, I bring solutions and ideas to motivate, excite and stretch the adults, teenagers and school-children that I work with.

I offer online classes or in person classes, including 1:1 tutorials for students developing a portfolio for University/Art School application. 

Find out more by emailing me via the Commission Me page of this website.

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